Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers 2, REVENGE OF THE FALLEN!!!

On our crazy day of garage sale and moving, I got to take a break and go to transformers 2 with a few of me and whitney friends from the ward, it was way fun! We got to go to the mall to get something to eat first, where we got some AMAZING Chinese  food. The only problem was we did not have enough time to eat, so it was interesting when I had to go to smuggle the food into the theater!! I just ate it during the movie, and spilled a little bit :).  It was awesome. Anyways, the movie was so so. I thought the action/effects where amazing. The parents where once again hilarious. But it was kind of disappointing. First off, there was a lot of bad things in there that really should have not been in there. Second, towards the end, it really dragged, and it got a little random hmhmhmhm robot heaven and crazy snake/robot girl......anyways, then it was hilarious how megan fox was running with all these explosions going on, and yet somehow she manages to keep her hair and lipstick PERFECT the whole time, and yet shia lebouf has dirt all over him and tons of cuts. Then many of the characters did not connect very well. The first one was much better, but I did think the effects and action were really good. Oh and one more thing I thought it was funny. Remember how in the first the robots attacked New York? Well, apparently in this one nobody knew it happened.......mmmmmmm...I am pretty sure they would have figured out by now there was a huge giant robots attacking the world.  Anyways, thats my review! I won't be posting for a while just because we are moving next week and staying at my cousins, but I will try!!!! Oh, I had my last day of cross country on friday, it was SO sad!I am going to miss those guys a ton!!

Crazy intense week

So, pretty much what we have been doing for the past week is preparing for moving to Oregon. Its been pretty much a insane week!!! Earlier this week, I got to see my friend katherine, it was way fun!! We went to up.........IN 3D!! Pretty intense right!!!!!!!!!! Then we went to wall mart and pretty much messed around which included playing 20 questions, leaving chips in the baby section, moving the duck tape around!!! Oh, and trying out some pretty awesome football helmets , and sittting around in a lightning mqueen couch and dora one, which of course we ALL know that lightning mqueen is way better than dora. All dora does is abuse boots the monkey. Anyways, it was way fun. Then the next few days consisted of going to a ton of different parties( I got to have a broadway showcase reunion!) and pigging out, going to my last day of cross country, packing, and having a garage sale on saturday and getting the moving truck. The packing gets pretty crazy and tiring. But with a lot of help from the ward, we have most of the stuff out of the house. Last night we all slept on the floor, it was interesting. Then today we had our last sunday here, which was pretty sad. We are going to miss our ward a lot. But I am excited to go on treck which will be on monday, tuesday, and Wednesday. But let me tell you, its not too fun to pack!! :D.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cross country

So, right now I started cross country, and I LOVE it!! Its a great way to see some of our friends before we move, and I LOVE running, so its great!!!! I have it every other day at 7:00. Believe me though, its not too fun trying to wake up, but its so worth it. I don't have any pics from it, but I do have a random picture from track I never posted....long distance is SO the best! If you guys did not know, I did the 800, and the 1600. The 800 is half a mile, the 1600 is a full mile.

Music Theater West Workshop

Last week, I got to be in a week long workshop at "music theater west". We put a performance on for the end of the week, and along the way got different workshops. One of the people who taught a workshop was in brigham city, it was awesome!!! I had WAY fun!! Our group got to do a "MGM melody" thing...pretty much different songs from old classic movies such as singing in the rain, which was my favorite :). Afterwards we went to Angies and almost got kicked out, it was the best. We also cleared the "kitchen sink" which is this HUGE sink of ice cream!!!! Anyways, it was SO much fun and I am going to miss these guys!! Oh, and do you guys like my "baker" hat I wore to Angies? :) Oh, random side note they aired the last episode of pushing daisies :/. SO sad, they tried to conclude it in like, 15 seconds.

Monday, June 8, 2009

yes, I actually did make another one!!

Arent you guys proud of me? :) anyways, katherine made a AWESOME makeover to my blog!! :) thanks!! They are airing THE LAST pushing daisies that never aired because the show got cancelled and they needed to keep the the contract of 13 episodes. They have aired 2 of the three, and they have been SO good, and this ends. :/. For those that have not seen it, its great. Very unique, quirky, witty, and clever. You can watch the episodes at . Speaking of pushing is me eating my awesome apple pie on my B day. My B day was SO much fun!!! I got some pretty cool stuff, including 60 bucks of Itunes combined which I LOVED. I currently have 32 TV episodes on my Ipod, 14 of them pushing daisies episodes...yeah I kinda need to get a life, but oh well!!!! Plus I got some "office" shirts which I wear every thursday :) Then my friend, katherine, came with her family that weekend, and we discovered a valuable lesson....NEVER eat mavrik nachos.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

uh...yeah sorry!!!

wow, I pretty much look like a

So yes I AM ALIVE. I kinda forgot about my blog for 5 months.........I had a ton of stuff going on, so I kinda gave up for a while....but I AM BACK!!!!! katherine told me that if I started again, she would watch pushing daisies, so I could not say no :) So, anyways, stuff going on. A few months ago, I auditioned, and made a broadway showcase!!!!!!! We performed songs like "Good morning baltimore" from hairspray, 'What is this feeling" from wicked, and all of them were SO much fun to do!!!!!!! I met a ton of friends, and they are all awesome!!!! I miss them a ton! But here are a few pictures, and please excuse the makeup I have was NOT fun to put on!!!! The GUYS had to put on there own! Do you know how hard that is!!!! When I first put it on, I seriously looked like a Egyptian!! So, yeah new post this week!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My playlist!!!!

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By the way these are not in a particular order. Go ahead and look through them!!